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Pek Combo English Synonyms & Antonyms Guided Compositions Exercises Year 4,5 & 6 #(L10)

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Tajuk: Pek Combo English Synonyms & Antonyms Guided Compositions Exercises Year 4,5 & 6
ISBN: 9789831660041
Penerbit: Prestasi Publication
Penulis: Manoj Nandy

Tahun Terbitan: 2021

Muka Surat: 115
Halaman: Hitam Putih
Format: Softcover
Berat (kg): 0.143
Dimensi (cm): 21 x 14.9 x 0.6


Learning English Synonyms and Antonyms is very important for students who want to master the English language. This books focuses on helping students to improve their Vocabulary knowledge. When a student can use a wide selection of words, he or she will have a cutting edge in their exams as well as in daily life. This is because when they know the best words to use in any given situation or context, they will be able to speak and write more effectively and become better communicators. The exercises in this book is designed to help students to memorize as many Synonyms and Antonyms as possible which will be invaluable and useful for them in their studies as well as future working lives. Answers for objective questions are provided for students to learn from their mistakes and to help those who are weak in English Vocabulary. 

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